Your Special Discounted Broker Rates

The following brokers offer a good range of investment products and platforms. We’ve negotiated special rates with these brokers for our readers (just make sure to tell them that we sent you).

Introducing your brokers

CaptureEasyEquities is one of the cheapest platforms in South Africa. Aiming to disrupt the market since 2015, we offer incredibly low brokerage costs.  

Brokerage Rates

  • Minimum account size: R100
  • 0.25% (25bps) commission
  • 0.075 (0.75bps) Settlement and Administration
  • No monthly fees.
  • No registration fees.

EasyEquitites Contact Details

  • Click here to open an EasyEquities investment account
  • Client Services: +27 87 940 6106
  • IT support & help desk: +27 87 940 6107

protradeProTrade provides you with a leading global trading platform where you get direct access to the JSE and global financial markets from one, easy-to-use interface.

The platform supports Desktop PC’s, Web Trader, Apple and Android devices and can trade in: CFD’s, Shares, ETF’s, Forex and Commodities.

Brokerage Rates

  • CFD’s -0.3% commission with a minimum of R50
  • Shares – 0.4% with a minimum of R100 and JSE fees
  • Offshore CFDs – 0.2% a minimum of approximately EUR 12 applies

The minimum account size is R5,000 and there are no monthly costs.

ProTrade Contact Details is one of South Africa’s leading online trading platforms. Their facilities make the trading process simple, focused, cost-effective and efficient across a wide spectrum of instruments, including CFDs, Equities, Futures and Forex. brokerage rates

Spreads will offer you two prices, one price if you want to buy and another if you want to sell. The difference between the two prices is called the bid offer spread. GT247 charges the spread dependent on the instrument such as, the spread will differ between instruments. Additional costs include JSE Fees.


  • Minimum account size: R2,000
  • 0.10% commission in and out on exposure of your trade
  • No minimum brokerage
  • Subject to JSE fees


  • No minimum account size
  • 0.25% commission in and out
  • No minimum brokerage
  • No monthly costs

FX trades

  • Minimum account size: R500
  • Brokerage: 1.5 times market maker spread (Depends on each currency pair).
  • Minimum trade size: 10cents

GT247 Contact Details

Rand SwissRand Swiss is a full-service broker offering one-on-one personal broker service coupled with superior advice. A dedicated broker will support you through the entire trading/investment process, offering you advice tailored to your personal requirements. Rand Swiss also provides free online training for account holders. This boutique broker makes available both geared CFD, FX, Futures trading via cutting edge desktop/mobile platforms as well as the tools to build a successful long-term investment portfolio.

Brokerage Rates


  • Local CFDs – 0.3% commission with a minimum of R50
  • Local shares – 0.4% with a minimum of R100 subject to JSE fees


  • Offshore CFDs – 0.1% and 0.3% depending on market. US markets 4c/CFD.
  • Offshore physical shares – Approximately 0.35% commission depending on market.
  • Offshore currency transfers – 0.8% on transfers above R1 million plus free tax clearance.

Please note: Fees can be negotiated further depending on account size and trade frequency.

The minimum account size is R20,000 (execution) and R100,000 (advisory).

Rand Swiss Contact Details

  • Click here to open a Rand Swiss account
  • Talk to a dedicated broker today: 011 781 3223 or email
  • Switchboard: 011 781 4454 or visit

To open an account with these three brokers, you’ll need the following:

  • A certified copy of your ID/Passport
  • A certified confirmation of address (e.g. rates account or bank statement)
  • Proof of banking details (a recent bank statement)
  • Proof of Income Tax Number (any letter on a SARS letterhead with your tax number will be accepted)

How to transfer funds to your preferred broker

Please note, you’ll need to put money into a secure account held by your broker. When depositing funds into your broker’s account, you must use your trading account number as a reference (this allows for quick identification of your deposit). Your broker will tell you how much money you need in your account for each trade you place

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