I read all the Red Hot Penny Shares issues.

I use them for the research and opinions on these shares.

I am a long term investor with 10% of my portfolio for nibbles.

I do not have time for a lot of research myself, my wife has cancer.

Ashley Westaway

I look forward to receiving the Red Hot Penny shares every month. It is packed with very useful investing tips.

The information supplied is up to date and well researched. I read every page and take note of market trends. I really do like the accurate research you do.

I have invested in Units Trusts and a couple of blue chip shares but I have decided that I am going to try some of your recommendations this year after noting how the Penny Shares have outperformed the JSE. 

I have been getting these publications for a very long time.

I have never had the courage or time to go ahead and do my own trading but now that it can be done on the Internet on the bank website or through EasyEquities, it seems a better option than relying on my fund managers, where the fees reduce the earnings quite a bit.

Thank you for the good advice.

June Schwulst

Excellent publication.

R K Thysse AFPTM, Associated Financial Planner

Ek lees graag jul nussbrief vir die navorsing gedoen en inligting deurgegee.

Willem Visagie

7 Years ago I realised that annuities are not the only way to provide for pension fund nor were admin unit trust portfolios.

Red Hot Penny Shares was one of my initial  point of reference. Today I still use it together with SA Investor and PSG Online.

Did make nice profits like Pan African Resources, Onelogix. Taste and some others.

Did have my ‘booboos” like Sinyati, York, Merafe.

Christo Vermeulen

For me the research you do on the shares is so good it gives me a very comfortable feeling buying.

My portfolio has grown over the years and I have absolute trust in your selections which is why I still look forward to each months issue as it becomes available.

Mike Thompson

Very interesting reading,  insight that I would not have had the time to research myself.

Francois Burger

I like your good, thorough research of the companies you are recommending, mostly resulting in a good profit. I did not buy and sell all of your shares, which was wrong. Your low fee is another reason to stay subscribed.

Walter Bruentrup

I’m fascinated by how the stock market works.

Red Hot Penny Shares taught me how to be in control of my own investments and still learning from your tips.

Morne Robinson

Like Warren Buffet says, one should have more than one source of income in one’s lifetime.

I work as a financial advisor for OLD MUTUAL for 27 years and I am in the Retirement and Financial Planning business. I have access to local and international portfolio managers and I have learned that there are no guarantees in life and that risk and time are two important factors in our business. I find that your publication is extremely informative and well researched and as a result I have a group of about 10 to 15 shares that I follow on the JSE and the strange thing is that I have not bought any of them. I find it an enjoyable past time to follow the progress of this portfolio and have watched some of these shares multiply in value.

I am 61 years old and I plan to retire at 65 and when this happens I will definitely apply my time to buying a select number of the penny stocks which you have researched and covered so well with part of my retirement capital which I would use as a hobby for trading in the JSE. Your publication has also assisted me in giving me an insight into the individual companies and the way in which one should approach investments.

Keep up the good work. I would even recommend that you should promote and associate your publication to top Schools and Universities to promote and encourage the understanding the working of the stock exchange.

Mike Millan

Aspirations to invest, limited funds. Circumstances changed resulting in growing portfolio thanks to potent combination of RHPS and EasyEquities!

Jenny Lupton

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